• Quantum Processing Chip QPU
  • The Quantum Cloud Platform
  • Superconducting quantum processors

            Sqcd-6Q is a universal quantum computer consists of 6 superconducting Josephson junctions (qubits). The coupling between each qubit is through on-chip resonators. Sqcd-6Q will perform the tasks submitted to our cloud server.
  • Semiconductor quantum processors

            Semi-2Q is a quantum processor consists of 2 semiconductor quantum dots (qubits). The processor is fabricated on a semiconductor substrate using the sophisticated CMOS fabrication processes. It can be used to demonstrate a 2-qubit D-J algorithm.
  • Graphic interface of programming

            The design of algorithm can be simply carried out in our graphic interface. Even for beginners who have no background in programming, they can design their tasks by drawing the icons in series.
  • QRunes

            Depending on the function of QRunes, one can define their the computing procedure, hence the algorithm, by combing different QRunes together.



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The Future of the Quantum Computer
As the number of qubits increases, the actual power of quantum computers will be unveiled more clearly. However, the real fault-tolerant quantum computation is still under investigations.